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Hello, my name is Jackie Paulson.  I am a 46 ( in 2013)  year old single mother born on 12-12-1966 with the zodiac sign of Sagittarius.  The one thing I find true for me that stands out in the traits of the zodiac sign is “Knowledge is power.”  I love to read and learn from others as a life Long knowledge and truth seeker.

The reason why I blog is to mainly network and share knowledge with others.  My passion is reading and research so this helps me to share what I know.  I can read 167 pages of any book in two hours with complete comprehension of what I have read.  I was not always a good reader and that all changed once I got married.  The reason it changed is because I wanted to “fix” my husband at that time.  He was a drinker and so was I.  Of course I did not think I had a problem I thought he did.  What I did was to get my hands on every self help book I could get my hands on from Barns and Nobel book stores. Eventually I was invited to a AA  meeting with a friend and took her upon the offer. I went there to “fix” my husband’s drinking problem.  What I found out was that I could not “fix” anyone but “myself.”  Low and behold, I changed and quit drinking and my husband did not.  The changes I made involved learning to not be a codependent and live my life Married but “detached” from my husband and his drinking.

I got married on 2-22-92 and got divorced on June 12, 1996 and I had our baby on 2-14-94.  Yes, a short marriage to an alcoholic, a divorce with a 1 year old which led me to being a single mother working three Jobs just to survive.  My ex husband was unfaithful in our marriage and led to our divorce.  I was born and raised Catholic and divorce was not an option unless he broke one of the Ten Commandments and since he did I was free to divorce and remarry, which I have not.  I received “sole custody” of our daughter and raised her the best way I knew how and now she is going to be 17 on Valentine’s Day 2011.  Yes, I am a Proud Mother!

Okay, so to make a long story short, I have been in an ongoing battle to get child support from my ex husband and he has been remarried and has a ten year old son.  Here it is 2011 and my ex owes me over 94 thousand dollars.  You wonder how come so much?  He is Delinquent and when that happens there is penalties and interest that built up over the years.  Have I gotten any of that money yet, No!  What is crazy is how “dead beat dads” like him can live “knowing” they do not support the child they helped to create into this world.  It takes “two” to have a child and it take’s “two” to support a child.  I did my part by raising her the best I could, working many jobs to make ends meet, and taking on all the responsibility that a single parent does, and then my ex did not see what I had to do just to survive. So, if he did care he would have paid his child support, “actions speak louder than words.”

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I wrote this on 1-10-2010
Today is an important date because I am alive!  Today is January 10, 2010.  As a new blogger on here I wanted to share my “STORY” with all of  you.
In a nutshell I am a single mom who has a teenage daughter; age 15.
About one year ago I was not longer able to afford my daughter because I was without child support.  I had also lost my job.  I am on a constant battle to get child support from my ex husband.  It will never make sense to me why my ex would not want to give me money to support his child (I have sole custody).
I have to say that my Faith in God has kept me going when all earthly means have failed me.
One of the sites that helped me the most is http://www.spiritualnetworks.com  Jason has been of the most inspirational and help of this entire situation.   ~May you be a blessing to others as you bless me~
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  1. Here it is 2013 Nov to be exact, please contact me and let me know how your divorce cases are going Now? I have so much more to share now that I am back in college. Jackie:)

  2. I have noticed in so many cases that I have handled here in Chicago that so many parents do not understand why they should have to pay child support for their children. One client of mine complains that he cannot afford the $550/month to support his son, yet he works overtime and earns over $60k/year. It is a disconnect with these people. They don’t understand that one parent had to get a 2-bedroom condo instead of a studio or 1-bedroom, that clothes, food, transportation, lunch money, doctors visits and time off from work for these things costs money. Yet, they don’t pay. In Illinois, you should file a Rule to Show Cause and ask that he be held in contempt of court for failure to pay. Only when their license is taken away and they spend a night in jail will they understand.
    Sorry for the long rant, but it bothers me as an attorney, I can’t believe how sick parents that are owed back support must feel.

  3. Hi Jackie,

    I just found your blog & admire your courage & strength in the midst of adversity. Keep on representing for the hard working single-parent moms out there!


  4. Sheila Bottini

     /  01/09/2013

    It is now close to a year and eight months, due to his blatant lack of compliance, my accountants still do not have everything they require that is necessary to get this divorce started. At Christmas he cancelled my AMEX card and tried to readjust our joint accounts. (Seriously?) Also, he sent my son a text message meant for his girlfriend by mistake. Rick Bottini continues to flaunt his guilt, upset the lives of me and the children and justice seems to be sleeping….I was told in April 2011 that a divorce could be acquired in 6 to 8 months if you were dealing with two reasonable mature adults. Obviously, that is not the case in my situation. Does anybody have any advice?

  5. Hi Jackies, thank you for sharing your personal situation and great information. If you’re looking for divorce tips to share, please check out http://www.familyandthelaw.com.au/. Although it’s focused on Australian-based family law summaries, there’s practical advice that will help anyone going through divorce. Keep up the good work.

  6. Sheila Bottini

     /  11/27/2012

    Well, now it has been 1 year and six months and 125K! He still is not cooperating, the judge’s assistant gave him an extension of two months. (Why would she do that?) One of those two months have passed with no results. Too many strange things have been happening and I have had to hire 24/7 security for my house.

  7. you show great courage by getting divorce from your unfaithful and drunker husband. He is the one to blame for all problems in your life.

  8. Andi

     /  11/22/2012

    A West Palm Beach divorce lawyer I know told me that going through the process of divorce is really not easy and you should expect that emotionally and mentally you will be exhausted but we all know that you can be better after doing it right? SO better not lose your hope and continue living with your life.

  9. I really enjoyed reading your divorce blog. It is very well written and interesting.

  10. Sheila Bottini

     /  09/13/2012

    https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/526153_506493802712989_2143517000_n.jpg (<See photos of proof of his infidelity)
    I have been trying to divorce my husband (Anthony R. Bottini Jr) for 1 year and 4 months. He was served the divorce papers on May 13th 2011. I am currently employing mt 3rd law firm and I have spent in excess of $100K, and he still has not released the necessary financial information needed to get this divorce started. The RJI has been filed and the judge has ordered him to comply, and yet he is still finding ways to delay this process. Does anyone have any advice? It would be greatly appreciated. Sheila Bottini

  11. Beth

     /  08/28/2012

    Divorce is hard enough and trying to navigate the legal system does not make it any easier. In my experience, finding competent legal representation early in the process is a must.

  12. Jackie Paulson

     /  06/29/2012

    I want to help (Jenn P) email me at jackiepaulson8@gmail.com

  13. nice inroduction 🙂 Good luck nice blog

  14. I am actually going through a horrible divorce right now.
    I left to protect my now 14 month old son.
    The sperm donor is doing everything in his power to make both me and our son miserable and make me pay for leaving him.
    He was awful to our baby and to me.
    He cheated on me as well.
    The “justice” system isn’t working out that great for me, either.
    But I got us out and pray every day for an end to this madness.
    Thanks for sharing your story and your daughter is beautiful!


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