From the Beginning (My Wedding Day)

Post #2 My wedding Day

“Once upon a time in the year 2002 a girl fell in love with a man and decided to get married.  She was so excited.  She worked in a Barber Shop and her true love worked as a truck driver.”

I remember the day we got married 2-22-92.  It was cold and snowy outside as we all stood outside of the McHenry County Courthouse in IL to proceed into the Marriage Court Hall.  All of our closets family and friends were there.  The witnesses were friends of my husband (John and Linda).  I remember asking Linda to wear her wedding dress; it was so pretty, off white and made me look so beautiful.  I felt great on this marvelous day.  After the ceremony, we all gathered into “The Parkway Restaurant” my father helped build with his father.  It was so beautiful and so exciting.  The day was perfect with plenty of  food, music, dancing, decorated tables, and all the people gathered in our day of celebration.

After this took place, the wedding party went to stay at the local Comfort Inn which was behind the restaurant.  How convient!  Back then I was a party animal and loved to drink, so driving was not an option.  We all got dressed up and went to a local dance club to continue our celebration.  It was such joy dancing to the music and celebrating my special day.

Post #3 Our Honeymoon

I remember going to the Pocono 500 in Pennsylvania.  It was a short and sweet honeymoon and I don’t remember much of it other than that.

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  1. Beautiful wedding, Jackie. You make me recall my own wedding day, thinking that I will live happily ever after with my Prince Charming!


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