Living Together as a Married Couple

Post #4 Living Together

My husband and I decided to rent an apartment and we picked it out together.  Oh how I loved moving out of my house and into my new place.  My First place away from home was exactly the way I wanted it to be.  In 1992 the rent for a two bedroom, two bathroom was only 600.00 a month.  Between two working adults, this was easy to afford.  I remember unpacking all of my belongings from my old house and working full time.  I did not know anyone in this new town which was over an hour away from where I had lived.

When I arrived home after work the first week, my husband had his best friend over and they decided to unpack “for me.”  The very next day I recalled that I was missing something very important to me.  What?  It was a handmade baby blanket that I treasured and had since I was a child.  I have photos with me and the baby blanket a relative made for me.  With that said, I guess that should have been a big “red Flag.”  I was so in love that after I argued with him about my baby blanket, I quickly forgave him and his friend.  I was very hurt and just ignored how I was feeling Looking back at this one important item of mine and the whole incident, I see that I was ignoring me, my feelings, and my possessions (what was important to me).

With that said, he became a truck driver and I became a wife and house keeper.  We both shared the domestic duties of the apartment.  He did a lot of the cooking and I did a lot of the laundry and cleaning.  I met a couple of his friends and we went out “drinking” a lot on the weekends.  So my new life was surrounded by him and his friends.  I did not know anyone in the apartment building, I was in a new town for the first time, and worked and did what he wanted.  I didn’t really know any better.  I was so excited to be married, and devote myself to this wonderful man.  If he and I were not working, we were together either at his friend’s house, or at home watching television, or just being together as a couple.  We did everything together (as I thought a couple should do).

To be continued….

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  1. Hey Jackie, I’m so happy for you, dear.

    Keep on basking and glowing in your marriage. I’m happy that you’re happy about your new apartment.

    All the best, my friend.


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