I believe prevention is better than cure.

From your experience: How do you think divorce could be avoided or remedied?

Divorce could be prevented if both people want to work it out with a counselor.  It is my experience that “what God hath put together, let no man separate.”  So, if both are “christian” or have a higher power that helps.  “Couples that pray together, stay together.”  I believe in that!  

Before couples marry they should live together first.  Why?  Well, after dating for three years to someone who I thought I wanted to marry; I moved into his house with the engagement ring on for a year.  In that year I learned that I would not want to  marry this man.  I only invested four years of my life and then I moved out and moved on.  I learned my lesson before I married him.  

I think younger couples RUSH into relationships and give up too quickly on each other.  I also think love is blind, and when others like family and friends see “red flags” and they are ignored; this is a sign to get to know yourself better and not necessarily stay with a boyfriend/girlfriend and prevent a marriage and divorce in the first place.


Should we encourage or discourage divorce? Is divorce good or bad? 

Divorce is only allowed in the bible for “marital unfaithfulness.”  That is it.  That is Biblical.

But, if you are being abused, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually – GET OUT – GET HELP and SUPPORT.

I believe God would not want that for the person as God loves unconditionally and the person is not showing that to you or you would be happy and not abused.   Does God abuse?  Absolutely NOT!  

Divorce is good in all of the above.  © 2011 Jackie Paulson All rights reserved.

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  1. Fin

     /  09/18/2011

    Hi jackie, anyhow i can talk to you privately, I know you must be very busy, but i would be happy if you have sometime for me

    thank you

  2. That was good Jackie.

    What we think of marriage goes a long way to determining what we make of marriage.

    Parents, Elders, Pastors and Counsellors must take up the responsibility to give guidance to the younger generation when considering who to marry and make them know ahead of time that Marriage is not for boys and girls: It is for men and women, who have matured enough to know who they are and what and who they want to live with despite all odds.

    Of course today’s faulty mentality makes a younger generation today to hate being told what to do or not to do by an older generation. Peer sharing of ideas is preferred and this is obviously problematic as divorce rate has shown. Also today’s faulty culture has already robbed many youths the benefit of such upbringing ab initio.

    Marriage to fill up the desire for relationships and sexual fill-ups for the time being or get your best without giving your best is not good enough. Marriage should have lifelong and genealogical intention that outlast and out-values our immediate personal considerations.

    Keeping the family stable makes for most godly off-springs and is what makes us different from animals. We must pass on this legacy from the earlier to the latter generations before marriages became same as slightly protracted dating.

  3. If the relationship is toxic in any way get out. Holding on to false maybes is a waste of time too and can make us more resentful.


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