Divorce without an Attorney

Divorce is one of my favorite topics as I am one of the statistics in the 21st Century.  Yes, I am divorced.

Are you?
Maybe that is why you are here reading my blog.

I just wanted to let you know that I am here for any of your questions, or anything!

It’s been 17 years since my divorce and I am definately experienced in this topic of pain…

Repair your heart

Restore your sanity

and Replace the old with the new!

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  1. Edison Secrist

     /  07/09/2012

    Divorce is not always good. You should continually work out first the problems in your marriage before settling into divorce. In asian countries, divorce is almost completely unheard of simply because they have lots of patience on their marriage. *`””.

  2. Amiable divorces are, of course, possible, but the final results should be set in stone in a legally representative way – namely through a lawyer. I agree with Stuart that the children need to be a priority and make the process as easy (and as supportive) as possible.

  3. Eileen

     /  05/29/2012

    I agree — you can replace the old with the new and put pain aside. It is possible, even, to celebrate divorce as a passage into the future.

  4. Jackie Paulson

     /  05/26/2012

    “stuartart” I wish more parents would consider their kids first and not last. It is harder on the kids. Congratulations for blessing others by posting your comment here.

  5. I’ve been divorced for many years. Thankfully after just a few months it was very amicable. Both myself and my ex made it our mission to ensure the effect on our daughter was minimal. We put her considerations first. That made it so much easier. Put pain aside.


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