Template: Dispute Letter (Validation of a Debt) Creditor

Dispute Template Letter – Validation of Debt (Creditor)

This validation of debt letter would be sent to a collection agency or debt collector asking them to send you valid proof of a debt.  Remember to send all correspondence via certified mail.  You do NOT NEED to send proof of your social security number or address with this letter.


[[Collection Agency Name]]
[[City, State, Zip]]

Re:  [[Creditor Name – Account #]]:

To Whom It May Concern:

Please be advised that I have received your correspondence dated ________________. This is not a refusal to pay or a cease notice, but a notice that your claim of monies owed is disputed. According to the FDCPA you must validate a debt to a debtor if the debtor responds to your primary notice within a matter of days.

Under the FDCPA and according to recent findings with the Federal Trade Commission, you must send valid proof of this debt and a printout of records is not valid. See FTC.gov “staff attorney opinion” findings for details. Please don’t send back a print out. The proof requested is as follows:

  • Date you purchased debt
  • Amount you paid for said debt
  • Original Date of Charge Off
  • Date of last payment/activity if any
  • Creditors full name and address
  • All records pertaining to actual debt to prove validity.

If you cannot produce such proof after I have put you on notice then I reserve the right to file a suit against you for FDCPA violations in my court’s venue. You will have to travel to defend yourself in that scenario.

Please also be advised that this request is an official validation of debt request and not a ‘verification of address” request. Proper proof of said debt is required. Please understand as well that under the FCRA any “furnisher of information” must put the account rating on hold while the debt is being investigated.  Continuing to report this disputed debt to my credit reports is a FCRA violation also open to damages collected from you.

Awaiting your reply in a timely manner.


[[Your Name]]
[[Your Address]]
[[Your SS#]]
[[Your DOB]]

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