Need Prayer?

If you need prayer please post it or contact me in the contact form.  I am a devote Christian.  Thank you.


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  1. wendy

     /  07/05/2012

    I married a very dysfunctional man who lied to me that his wife had died a year ago and I found out later it was just a couple of months. I sold my house and moved in with him, married him and he hung on to me for seven years, I did everything to get out of the marriage and went for therapy with him and by myself for years. He had an affair to get out of the marriage to have someone and filed for divorce. When I found out and he became unpredictable I ran to a friends with my two dogs and have been here almost 3 months. Tomorrow I get the chance to go back home and get my things. I hired a mover and packer and have friends helping me to. Please pray for my strength for tomorrow I am so scared. I know god is there already to protect me. Please think of me. Thank-you Wendy

  2. Jackie Paulson

     /  07/05/2012

    I can be your pen pal if you need one. Feel free to contact me. I have 16 years experience.

  3. wendy

     /  07/04/2012

    My husband cheated on me and was abusive and I had to leavd the house. Been living with a friend for 2 months and on Friday I am going to get my things with a mover and friends. I am so scared. Please pray for strength


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